Today we’re talking about 4 things in valheim you may not know us in the game we going to stress may because you know some of them you might know.

Swamp biome

We’re going to start off with something that we didn’t know in the game and that is in the swamp biome you can equip your wishbone and actually find hidden iron so we going to show you how that works in practice right now oh wait we’re already pinging we think we are okay we go so there you go it’s pinging just like it is when you’re trying to find silver you run around until you get to the point where it’s pinging really quickly and then you dig down and there is tons of hidden iron underneath the land in the swamp biome.

Muddy Scrap Piles

You don’t just have to find it in crypts you can actually find it like this as well so we going to keep doing this until we find the location and then we’ll have a look how much time we get okay you see the wishbone is now flashing quite frantically and we looking at some muddy scrap piles so there we go these muddy scrap piles obviously you do find them in the crypts that we see whereas there’s one just there but they are all over the Valheim Biomes Native Gamer too.

Kill Elite draggers

So we haven’t really tried it out against the harder enemy enemies we will at some point but to get that one you have to kill elite draggers and once you get one of their heads and unlock the recipe and it also takes something in your mirror flush from the traitor the best tip we can give you about ships is that they’re portable and you can move them at any time so you can basically walk up to your ship start hitting it destroy it right just go ahead and break it just smash that thing it doesn’t need to exist right but you get all the items right and all these items can go through a portal.

Land Bridge

If we want to take that through a portal now we can just make it through a portal or if you’re on track you know you’re traveling across the world and you want to walk from a little land bridge right across to the other side without having to sail all the way around it just move it just carry it with you just put it in your inventory they are very portable items in this game you do not have to worry about the limitations of a regular boat at all whatsoever you just go ahead and move it pop it in the water and just kind of move forward just keep on traveling as nothing happened you can also build the channel but who wants to do that so we hope you guys enjoyed this first we definitely does like this in the future it’s something we feeling out.

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