Top 10 Most Tryhard Skins In Fortnite

Top 10 Most Tryhard Skins In Fortnite

Today we are talking about the top 10 tryhard skins that are worth buying in Fortnite this is a really amazing list and definitely includes some of the most try-hard fortskins.

1. Soccer Fortnite Skin

The soccer skins the really cool thing about the soccer skins is it you pretty much get 30 different customization options for only 1 200 v bucks it is such a good price you get so many different options and the customization is endless this is really really sick unfortunately they don’t return to the store that often so if you guys don’t have them you might have to wait a little bit for them to return hopefully they do come back soon they usually do reappear around Christmas really really excited to pick them up there are quite a few try-hard players that have been using these pretty much ever since they got released so that should show you guys how try-hard they are and definitely one of these skins worth buying in Fortnite.

2. Zadie Fortnite Skin

Zadie is one of the best skins Fortnite has ever added and for only 1 200 v bucks it is also the really good value you get two different edit styles and the base version as well so you buy the base version and you get a jungle and snow variant both of these look really really sick and they are all very try hard in Fortnite these haven’t appeared in this store since February of this year which is when this skin was released so the fact that we have waited 10 months pretty much for this skin to reappear is absolutely crazy hopefully they do reappear soon and hopefully that is before Christmas because i’ve been waiting for this skin to return if you guys don’t have this skin would highly recommend picking it up when it does come back out a lot of pros have been using it especially since it is becoming a more rare skin you’ll see a lot of pros like clicks scoped booger mongrel and so many others using the zadie skin.

3. Focus Fortnite Skin

The focus skin focus again is a 1 200 v buckskin so very cheap for a tryhard skin and it also looks really really awesome this is kind of known as the controller god try hard skin with some really awesome controller players like reet and Collazo using this skin this looks so so sick would highly recommend it especially if you are a cracked controller player you don’t see too many keyboard and mouse players using it guess because ray is so big and known for using the focus skin is kind of known as a controller skin but would still recommend picking this up not everyone has this try-hard skin it is kind of underrated and when it does reappear in the store it is definitely worth buying moving on to the.

4. tryhard Fortnite Skin

One of the most popular tryhard skins for the last few seasons and it is only 800 v bucks as well you do also get two different styles with this skin so you get some customization on whether you want to wear a sleeveless version or the aura variant with full-sleeved hoodie this looks really really sick like both of these edit styles and they really work well with a lot of other try-hard items in Fortnite think that’s what is best about this skin is you can make some really awesome combos with a lot of items in Fortnite would highly recommend this to every single person that plays Fortnite not only so a really cool looking skin but it is definitely one of the most try-hard skins.

5. Dark Bomber Fortnite Skin

The dark bomber is definitely one of the most try-hard skins in Fortnite that everyone should buy this has always been a very common try-hard skin but it doesn’t appear in the store as much as it used to which means that it is becoming a little bit rarer there aren’t as many pros that use this obviously there is still that main pro face way that has been using the dark bomber ever since it was released but there aren’t too many other pros that use this skin can guarantee you guys that you will always come across at least one sweaty dark bomber in every single game of Fortnite that you play which should show you guys how good this skin is and give you enough reasons to buy this skin.

6. Mogul Master Fortnite Skin

The mogul master skins there are eight different mogul master skins in fortnite and each of them are 1 500 v bucks they were released in chapter 1 season 2 and have not featured in the store for 250 days this is absolutely crazy they are some of the best skins fortnite ever added and the fact that they were released all the way back in chapter one season two also makes them some of the most og try-hard skins we have in fortnite the only bad thing about the mogul master skins is that it isn’t like you’re buying one skin and you have eight different edit styles you literally have to purchase each different skin for 1 500 v bucks that absolutely sucks feel like it is such a rip-off especially when you have skins like the soccer skin where you buy one skin and you have more than 30 different customization options that is really the only weakness to the mogul master skins but guess it does make each variant a little bit more rare if you guys are going to pick these up the three different edit styles that would recommend are the german mogul master the china mogul master and then either the great britain or the korean mogul master they look very very similar and they are both used by a lot of tryhard players definitely the china and german one are my two favorites but the uk one looks.

7. Siren Fortnite Skin

The siren skin siren is a pretty new tryhard skin in Fortnite and has gained a lot of popularity since it was first released in chapter 2 season 2. it is only 1 200 v bucks so it isn’t that expensive for a try-hard skin and there are still a lot of pros that use this every single day the biggest one obviously is benjfishy who has pretty much made this skin ever since it was released it is really really awesome would highly recommend picking it up the only bad thing about the Fortnite siren skin is that it has kind of dropped off in chapter two season four it is still one of the most popular tryhard skins in the game but it is starting to decline there are a lot of brand new tryhard skins have been introduced to the game this season and that is making a lot of players kind of switch from the siren to one of these more updated try hard skins still if you are looking to pick up a really awesome tryhard skin you guys definitely need to buy the siren skin.

8. Manic Fortnite Skin

Manic is only 800 v bucks so it is one of the cheaper try hard skins on this list and even though it was released quite a few seasons ago it is still very very popular in Fortnite you see a lot of pros and just a lot of tryhard players using manic there aren’t too many bots that use this skin which is really what you see happening with a lot of other tryhard skins they do eventually start being picked up by bots which kind of just bring down the overall try-hard level of that skin but manic has kind of remained as one of the more try-hard skins especially in chapter two it is really really awesome and still used by scoped which is really awesome to see considering he has pretty much been using it.

9. Jennifer Walters Fortnite Skin

The chapter two season 4 battle pass the reason saying the whole battle pass is that this only costs 950 v bucks so it is cheaper than skins like siren the soccer skins zadie focus dark bomber mogul master pretty much every skin on this list is more expensive than the current battle pass and by the way this is one of the best battle passes we have ever had in terms of skins not only does it have jennifer walters one of the most try-hard skins we have ever had in fortnite but you also have a lot of other customization options for this skin this includes the crimson edit style which is also very try hard and then the silver gold and hollow foil edit styles as well these are all very try hard and look so sick in fortnite again if you aren’t really interested in try hard skins this battle pass also offers some really awesome looking ones like the iron man skin mystique storm even dr doom is a really awesome skin just they aren’t really that try hard but would highly recommend picking up the battle pass if you haven’t already especially if you can grind out all of the xp to unlock the hollow foil.

10. Superhero Fortnite Skin

We have the superhero skins sure a lot of you guys saw this coming but this is definitely the skin that you guys need to buy in Fortnite not only do they look really really cool and really try hard but they have so many different customization options that you guys have pretty much gonna look completely different to any other superhero skin in Fortnite you guys can make it all one color you can make them all black or white or yellow don’t care as long as you make it a tryhard variant they look so sick especially when you pair it with the phantasmic pulse pickaxe these are definitely the best try hard skins in the game at the moment unfortunately they are a little bit more expensive than everything else on this list but they are definitely worth buying so if you guys are yet to pick up these superhero skins would definitely recommend you do it hopefully they will return to the store soon if you guys do want to pick these up would highly recommend the jolt are the polarity for the female skins and the mighty vault for the male.