The nearest neighbour of the earth is Moon which is the fifth largest satellite of our solar system. We can see the Moon in the sky at night with our eye because it is the brightest body in night at sky.


We have read many poems about the Moon as most of the poets use it in their poetry, they compare it with the beauty of women. There are many ways to say Moon in the different languages.


The crust of the moon has 50 kms thickness. An interesting thing about Moon is that, many years ago people think that moon is perfect round shape. But after research, they came to know that it is actually oval shaped like an egg.


Moon change its temperatures in day and night wildly. The range of its temperature of moon is minus 172 degree Celsius at night to 126 degree Celsius in the day.


Now the question is that why its temperature change so wildly. The reason behind this fact is that, it has no significant atmosphere like our earth which cannot block sun rays that`s why the temperature of moon go up down wildly.


The research says that the diameter of moon is 3470 kilometre and its weight is 80 times less that earth. It is surrounded by a dusty cloud every time.


A day on the moon is has 654 hours, it means one moon day is equal to 27 days of earth. Moon is the reason of movement of our sea water on the earth.


It has a huge distance from our earth which is 384,400 in kilometres. A flying car with the speed of 120 kilometre per hour can take you to the surface of moon in 134 days but practically it is not possible but a spacecraft which will carry you to the moon in just 3 days.


The sizes of Sun and Moon looks like same but there is a huge difference. Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon and the Moon is 400 times nearer to earth than the sun so that is the actual reason sun and moon look like same in size.


If we compare moon with our earth, we will came to know that moon is four times smaller than earth. We have never seen full moon because 60 percent part of moon is visible to us.


Moon is the only place out of the earth where human stepped foot. There is not any other planet where human can go. Neil Armstrong was the 1st person of the world who stepped into the surface of moon.


In the year 1969, A mission in which Apollo 11 spacecraft was used which successfully land on moon. There are some videos and images of this mission available on internet in which we can see them to walk on moon.


It was a successful mission and after complete this mission they came back safely with many samples which they collected from the surface of moon. These samples are still available in museum.


The moon gravitates around its own axis and also orbits earth at the same time. It has a speed of 1.28 light-second, in kilometers it is 3683 kms per hour. In this period, it covers a total distance of approx. 23,00,000 Lac kilometres. Many documentaries in the different languages about moon is available on Internet .

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