Fortnite provides you many new and unique features in the game. This is the reason that most of the players are getting attracted to the game. Fortnite is the battle game developed by Epic. Epic makes new updates every day.

These updates are made in equipment, maps, avatar costumes, etc. Some online video games make many changes in the game just like Fortnite does. With ever-changing gameplay and a giant collection of items to collect and use.

Fortnite provides many other features as well. It has three games play mode each of the modes has its characteristics. The battle royale mode of the game provides you with the feature to play the game in solo, duo, or a team of 4 players.

The team can be your friends or can be the unknown players from all around the world. Another mode of the game is to save the world and creative mode. You can select any of these modes and play the game.

We have always heard that in Fortnite is to track down your enemies and kill them with the collection weapons, build a defensive building to protect yourself from the massive attack. Or to kill the monsters to survive in the Battle Field and to save the world. In the end, outlast the competition until you have earned victory.

Other than this Fortnite provides you with the opportunity to bring style and fun to your game. You have several different ways to express yourself in the Battle Field. In the lobby area while making connections with friends to can make dance moves and chill with your friends.

Each cosmetic has its dance moves so when you purchase the cosmetic you will also get these dance moves. If you are playing on PC press B on the keyboard, on PS4 down arrow on D-Pad, and on Xbox one, it is the same as D-Pad.

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