When it comes to rotations taking some notes on how pros tend to handle their rotations can give you a massive advantage in your own games overall though by playing scrims and tournament matches on your own reviewing your games to see what you did right and wrong as well as watching pros to figure out how they handle different rotations you should be well on your way to improving this aspect of your game sense finally moving on to our final section of this guide and we’ve got general game sense general game sense really just refers to all of the general knowledge that you have a fortnight from knowing the ins and outs of the map to understanding the weapons meta and what loadouts to use and all things of that nature general game sense really just involves everything else aside from rotations and fighting to improve your general game sense your goal should really be to stay ahead of the meta and have enough experience with all sorts of things in game where you kind of just have a good idea for how everything functions.

When it comes to staying ahead of the meta one thing that i mentioned before was watching pro players which is something i strongly recommend for all three forms of game sense whether you’re trying to learn techniques to use in fights figure out how to rotate more effectively or simply learn about the meta and what the best players are doing in their games watching pro players is easily one of the best ways you can get better game sense in fortnite and just for clarification when i say watch pro gameplay i don’t mean simply sitting there and watching them play but rather i need to actually analyze it and take a good solid look at what they do and why they do it sitting back and watching a highlight reel for the fun of it isn’t exactly something i’d refer to as practice or learning and i just wanted to clear that up since a lot of people seem to get confused on that.

When it comes to general game sense watching tips and tricks guides just like you’re watching right now is a great way to do that as well whether it’s a discussion of a new map location or item a guide about techniques and strategies or whatever else it may be a bunch of content creators have great guides on all sorts of different things in game as well and selecting some of the most relevant guides to watch can really help you gain more overall knowledge about the meta and the game as a whole but once again similar to watching pros you don’t want to simply just sit back watch your tips and tricks guide and then be done with it rather you want to actually think about.

How you can implement each tip and your own gameplay and really just focus on using it for improvement rather than solely for entertainment finally my last tip to improve your general game sense is one of the simplest yet most effective tips in this guide and that’s to simply play the game i know i say it all the time but regardless of what you’re trying to improve in fortnite one of the best ways to improve whatever you’re struggling on is to simply play the game more and really put the time and practice in whether you’re playing arena competing in tournaments or simply playing pubs nothing tops in-game experience as a method to improve your game sense game knowledge fighting skill etc.

There’s a good reason why so many pros have been grinding arena points non-stop hitting numbers in literally the hundreds of thousands zone rule scrims are becoming less and less popular people are getting bored of creative and overall simply grinding out a ton of arena tends to be one of the best up-to-date methods for improvement with all that said that’s going to cover all of your bases when it comes to improving your game sense in fortnite whether you’re struggling with mechanical game sense rotational game sense general game sense or a mix of all three this guide should cover all of the most effective methods that you can use to improve your game sense dramatically in fortnite chapter 2 season 7 and future seasons.

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