Some Interesting Facts about Black Color

Black is the darkest color which exist when there is no light. It is used to represent darkness. Black and white, both colors are opposite to each other. Black represents night and white represents day. These both colors often represents good and evil.

It is also used to describe scary things. If you want to know how to say black in different languages, then visit The Different Languages.

Here are some more interesting facts about black color.

  • Black color can absorb all light and heat.
  • Black color has powerful appearance. It means if you want to look powerful, wear black dress.
  • If you are black belt in martial arts, you are master.
  • Rose is a very famous flower, it is symbol of love. Rose have more than two thousand varieties. But black rose is not actually black. Its actual color is darkest red but looks like black.
  • Black market is a market where trade of goods, services or money is illegal or prohibited by the law. It means if you are buying or selling in black market, you will be penalized.
  • Back to black is a famous song by Amy Winehouse with more than 600 million views on YouTube.
  • Black humor is different kind of humor than normal humor.
  • Unofficial starting of Christmas shopping season is called black Friday. Black Friday is the biggest day for those who like shopping. Everyone always wait for black Friday. It is the best day of the year for shopping, to buy TV and busiest day for plumbers.
  • Every women must have a black dress in her cupboard.
  • Mostly black color dress suits on everyone. This color has many names in different languages
  • In many countries, black cats is a symbol of bad luck but in England, many people believe black cat is a symbol if good luck.
  • The spending limit of black card in unlimited.
  • In past, TV shows appeared only in black & white color.
  • First mobile phones have also black and white display.
  • Some people say that black color birds are sign of good luck.
  • Yellow color with black background has strongest impact, you often see on roads or signboards.
  • Evil persons often called black hearted persons.
  • Black box is an equipment used in planes which is the hardest part in plane, used to store all the data. If a plane crashed, all the data can be decoded from black box.
  • If someone is threating you, it means he is blackmailing you.
  • When there is loss of electricity, it will called blackout.
  • Many retailers in fashion industry has black logo, so this color is popular in retail, Black color used in text, it is easily readable. The top brands logos are in black color such as Nike, Chanel and Adidas.
  • For Christians, black is symbol sorrow, hell, darkness or death.
  • Black is a symbol of sacrifice for Greeks.
  • Mostly celebrities and star used black color cars collection.
  • In Electric items, black color wires always represent negative.
  • In the book of magic, Black is a magic for evil or selfish purpose.