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Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms and according to the latest research, Instagram has 1.704 billion users worldwide. In the past, you were only able to upload images and chat and do video calls on Instagram but now Instagram has provided the facility to make money. Many celebrities and other people are earning money from Instagram.

Most of the brands share their products and services through which they get more followers and start to earn money. You can earn through different methods on Instagram such as you can do blogging, sell your products, and many others. Making money was never as easy as it is now. There are four ways to make money on Instagram:

  • Work as an Influencer: You can work as an influencer on Instagram and post the content sponsored by brands.
  • An Affiliate Marketer: An affiliate marketer means that you can earn from Instagram by selling other people‚Äôs products.
  • Tips and ads: You can earn money from your content through tips and ads.
  • Selling photos: You can also earn from Instagram by selling your photography and art to people.

How to Make Money:

Most people have the concept that you need to have a lot of followers on Instagram to start earning although this is not true you can start earning from Instagram even if you have 1000 followers. If you have more followers you can earn a greater amount of money. Some of the factors you need to consider before earning are mentioned below.

  • Target Audience: First and most important step is that you find your target audience for your content.
  • Followers from the same niche: Instead of having a lot of followers you should have the followers who belong to the niche as you are.
  • Monetization Model: Use sponsored posts, brands hashtags, and others to earn money from Instagram.

There are numbers of Instagram Influencer such as if you have more than 1 million followers then you will fall into the category of Maga-influencer, if you have 10k to 1 million followers then you will lie in the category of Macro-influencer, 1k to 10k then the category is Micro-influencer, and the last category is if you have less than 1k then you will lie in the category of Nano-influencer.

Ways to Make Money Online:

As I have mentioned different categories if you are a mega influencer then you will earn more money than other people who lie in different categories. Helping the creators make a living on the platform is the top priority for Instagram. There are many different and effective ways through which you can earn money from Instagram and I have mentioned below some of the effective ways.

Sponsored posts:

Most of the companies and brands pay you for promoting their products, or their services either through the post or mentioning in the story. To reach your audience the first step you need to take is to shift your user account to the business account. After you get your target audience you have to look for a few things in your audiences such as gender, followers, location, age range, and growth.

This is a graph that indicates how many followers you have gained and how many followers you have lost. You don’t need to wait for the brands to contact you. If you have a brand in mind that fits with your niche you can text them personally and make a deal with them that you will promote their products in return for payment.

Open your store:

Instagram provides the followers with one of the best features named as a shoppable feature which allows the users to sell a product by posting it on their profile or even mentioning it on the Instagram story and also add the price tag within the image. There are plenty of brands that are selling their items through Instagram. Using this feature allows the customers to click on the image of the product they like and directly purchase from your Instagram post without visiting the website.

You can open any kind of online store on Instagram and make a lot of money by just selling your product. The best thing about opening an online shop on Instagram is that the products can be unique to what you want to create or sell. To attract the attention of the audience you can use flash sale marketing to sell your products. You can make a post or upload Instagram stories announcing the sale as well as sponsoring them so that it reaches more people.

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