custom carboard packaging

Cardboard packaging industry is growing day by day. Only in USA, more than 90% products are packaged in custom cardboard boxes. There are different advantages of using cardboard in packaging because it is a recyclable material. This step helps to reduce the trash in landfills and protect our environment from damage.

In this article we have discussed some benefits of using cardboard material for packaging. As we know, cardboard can be recycled to produce more papers due to which it have a positive impact in reducing in global warming and also minimize the process of cut more trees to produce papers.

The process of cardboard recycling consumes less energy to produce more papers hence it is beneficial in reduction the use of energy level which means less fuel consumption.

In paper making industry from wood, there is a huge water consumption to produce paper but when we compare it with cardboard recycling, there is a huge difference. By recycling 1 ton cardboard, 7 thousand gallon of water can be saves. Therefor the other advantage of cardboard recycling is less consumption of water.

Due to cutting trees for paper making, a huge amount of trees are cut every year and caused global warming. An estimated 14 to 18 trees could be saved if recycled 1 ton of cardboard, so it helps in saving forests because there is no involvement of cutting trees and this is a big advantage.

It enables the availability of more landfill space because by recycling 1 ton of cardboard, 10 cubic yards of landfill space saved and available again.

Custom Cardboard boxes able to wins the battle against the wooden boxes. Initially packaging was used to transport mainly food products from the manufacturer to customer but now it has become changed.

Now there are a lot of things needed. Now packaging is needed to preserve all types of items including, cosmetic, food, retail items, medicine and all others items to preserve and saved for long period. So revolution in this industry in the passage of time.

Some best packaging companies facilitating their customers with innovative and unique custom packaging like Custom Cardboard Packaging is one of the best company which provide awesome stuff and quality to their clients.

The other benefits of custom cardboard boxes are mentioned below in points.

  1. This material has less impact on environment. The production of this material means a decrease up to 62% in carbon dioxide and oils emissions as compared to the other materials.
  2. It is fully recyclable material and biodegradable. Corrugated cardboard completely degrades in maximum a year.
  3. The recycling process minimizes waste generation and helps to keep our environment and surrounding neat and clean
  4. Recycled cardboard does not lose its durability or quality. After recycling, it does not lose its properties and caused economical price.
  5. Cardboard can be customized in shape, deamination, design and size as per customer demand. Cardboard packaging boxes can be in different designs and colors schemes to present the items in an attractive way as printing on this material is easy and long term.

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